Ban Tha Pho

Last week we embarked on our first community visit of the semester. The village, Ban Ta Pho, is in the Nam Phong district of Khon Kaen province. Ban Ta Pho is home to about 1200 people in a semi-rural area of Khon Kaen. During our 3 day stay with a host family, we sought to … Continue reading Ban Tha Pho


Toast, Trunks, and Temples

Nearly one month into our trip and most of us agree that we miss breakfast food: pancakes, french toast, egg mcmuffins, scrambled eggs, or simply toast with jam. Our 3-day weekend in Chiang Mai offered us a taste of breakfast from home and much much more. After the 8-hour bus ride from Khon Kaen to … Continue reading Toast, Trunks, and Temples