A Day in the Highlands…

Offered respite not only from the bustling city life of Kuala Lumpur, but also from the heat! Cameron Highlands is nestled in the middle of Malaysia and is about a 4 hour bus ride from KL. The town in which most people stay in, Tanah Rata, consists of a single stretch of a 2-lane road that you can walk in about 15 minutes. During my half day tour, I was able to see all of Cameron Highland’s main attractions. First off were the tea plantations.


I’ve never seen a tea plantation before, much less ones that span across the entire valley and hillside. The tea manufactured here is black tea, and 95% of it stays in Malaysia for the local people to enjoy. Every three weeks, workers will pick and carry 60-100 grams of tea leaves. Their salary? Barley over $200 a month. Amazingly, some of these plants date back to 1925 and will last for 100-125 years!

Our next stop was the butterfly farm.


These beautiful (and HUGE) butterflies are called Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing, and they are the national butterfly of Malaysia. There were some other creatures at the butterfly farm, such as these small vipers (don’t mind the green one that is poised to attack my neck…).


Our next stop was the Mossy Forest. Although the hike was short, we were treated to some panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.


Oh, beware of the spiraly looking plant! If you get some of the burs in your eyes, you could go blind!

The final stop on the tour was a strawberry farm! All the strawberries were planted in individual pots rather than out in a field. Although you could pick your own strawberries, I opted for the cheaper option and simply bought some strawberries on a stick. Yum!



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