Final Days in SE Asia

The remaining five days of our summer travels began with a 2 hour bus ride to Melaka. This historical city is located on the west coast of Malaysia and used to be a major trading port for the country. We spent a day biking around the town and especially enjoyed the weekend night market on Jonker Street for the 70 cent coconut shakes.


Church in the Dutch Square


One of the most memorable things about Melaka were the intensely decorated trishaws (who’s drivers blasted Despacito to no end…)

Screenshot (89)

After two days in Melaka, we took the four hour bus ride to Singapore. Despite our initial worries that everything would be extremely expensive, we were pleasantly surprised that this was not the case! Hawker centers (large clusters of food stalls) provided us delicious meals for about $3-4. Plus, public transportation saved us from having to spend extra dollars on Ubers or Grab taxis. One of our first stops in Singapore was the Bugis Street Market, where they sold wallets, basketball jerseys, food and drink, and pretty much anything else you could think of. In the evening we hit up both of the main light shows in Singapore. Our first stop was Marina Bay Sands, where we watched the Spectra Light & Water Show. I was mesmerized by the visuals they were able to create with only water and lasers.


As soon as that show ended, we speed walked to Gardens By the Bay for the Garden Rhapsody show. Laying on the pathway surrounded by trees bigger than life, with music that expressed how proud Singapore is of their country, was one of the highlights of my trip.


The final stop of our 8-week journey was Manila (thanks to a long layover). Although we had less than 24 hours in the city, we made the most of it with stops at Luneta Park, Manila Cathedral, and San Agustin Church.


Manila Cathedral


Outside San Agustin Church

While international travelling will be put on hold for a while as I begin my professional career in public health, I couldn’t be more thankful for the experiences and memories of the past 8 months in SE Asia. From Thailand to Laos, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and finally the Philippines, every country offered new challenges and opportunities for growth. I couldn’t have done it without my friends and family who encouraged me to keep pushing through when times got tough and follow my passion for travelling. Thank you! Until the next adventure…


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